Scam crypto coins list

scam crypto coins list

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10 WORST Crypto Scammers Currently ROTTING in Jail
Indians have fallen prey to dozens of crypto scams like Bitconnect, Morris Coin, Ether Trade Asia and more. For instance, if we take the below. Fraudulent Trading Platform High Yield Investment Program. Some of the biggest crypto scams in history include the OneCoin scam (estimated $25 billion in losses), the BitConnect scam (approximately $4 billion in losses).
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To earn cryptocurrency, investors had to play: they had to acquire tokens for online games and then exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. You can absolutely get scammed if someone sends you crypto, but the scam can take on many different forms. However, many cloud mining companies are scams or, at best, ineffective � in that you end up losing money or earning less than was implied.